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Hello and welcome

To familiar friends and new ones, welcome and thanks for stopping by.

The year 2019 has been a memorable one. I didn’t plan the year that way, rather a number of things happened for this year to be remembered as one of significant changes to my professional career and one of immense personal growth. And, for the first time in a long time, once again I felt an interest in writing. So begins this website, which will reflect the different faces of my personality and life – from corporate career, advocacy work and life as a progressive, independent thinker living in the cultural metropolis of Melbourne.

Corporate Life

After nine years, I stopped working side-by-side with my husband, Jamie. The unplanned acquisition of a couple of our businesses turned into a disruptive but delightful surprise.

Becoming an employee instead of an employer was something I definitely hadn’t envisaged as my semi-retirement was nicely in reach. Change of status from Employer to Employee wasn’t the only change – we relocated from regional Victoria back to the bustling city of Melbourne, a city that despite being Queenslanders is our adopted home. All in all, it was a chaotic start to the year.

Professionally, it’s been an interesting, challenging and rewarding year. As I reflect on the year and move into a new decade of opportunity and experiences, I’ll share my thoughts over on the Corporate section of this site.

And, because I’m publishing this site during my Summer holiday, content from my corporate life is going to be a bit lean. Holidays are finite though. No doubt, the year ahead will result in a depth of content from my corporate life, which will balance out the initial skew of advocacy and other content as I send this site live.


People are often initially surprised at the contrast of my corporate role and my advocacy work. But, for those who know me, it’s no surprise really – both my career and personal life are driven by a very strong set of values and beliefs. Protection people, animals and our planet has always been important to me. Now, I’m simply using my voice and my actions to reflect how important direct action is. You’ll learn more about my work in this space in the Advocacy section of this site.

Because it’s hard to classify and categorise important themes into neat sections, I’ve added a final section to this site – Life. I imagine all of the things that don’t squarely fit into my corporate life or advocacy work will find their way here.

It’s all a bit -ish

Striving for perfection is the killer of productivity and outcomes. So, this website is being launched into the world with an acceptance of just starting is far better than striving for perfection.

If every link isn’t perfect, if I’ve forgotten or not yet had the chance to update something from the demo theme, if depth of content hasn’t been built or if any of the other limitless reason it would take me to make the site ‘perfect’ prior to publication haven’t been met – I’m okay with that. Things are never perfect, so let’s just start, shall we?

If you’d like to learn more about the life-changing practice of ‘good enough’, I highly recommend reading -ish by Lynne Cazaly.

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