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Animal Rescue Collective Supplies Week Commencing 6 January, 2020

Thank you for everyone who continues to support the victims of the Australian Bush Fire crisis. So much information has been reported on the catastrophic events affecting much of Australia, so my initial posts will focus on ways you can assist wildlife and animals affected by this crisis.

Animal Rescue Collective


Please DM or contact me for my home address for large or bulk deliveries. We can accept deliveries at our home each day and have a large, accessible and safe porch area.

Please check with micro-hubs prior to arranging delivery of large stock items,eg bales of hay. Most micro-hubs are private residences or offices and not equipped for large deliveries, unless by prior arrangement.

Thank you

The Animal Rescue Collective is a highly co-ordinated group of professionals and volunteers across Australia collecting and distributing supplies and resources for the rescue and rehabilitation of Australian wildlife and animals.

Hundreds of micro-pods have been established across Victoria, NSW and South Australia. Each micro-hub is managed by a volunteer who has nominated their residence, place of business or both to receive donations on a weekly basis; co-ordinate the supplies required each week; liaise with the managing Animal Rescue Collective teams for maintaining a database of supplies and delivering to the distribution point at the end of each week.

Key Dates

As soon as possible at the beginning of each week, we’ll publish a list of supplies required for delivery to micro-hubs.


Donations for the current week should be delivered to your local micro-hub by Thursday weekly, unless otherwise extended by your local micro-hub.


Micro-hub managers will deliver all donated goods to the distribution centre, early on Sunday mornings for transit to affected areas.

Supplies Required Week Commencing 6 January, 2020

Below is the list of supplies we require this week, to be received at micro-hubs by Thursday 9 January. Information on micro-hub locations and delivery addresses further below.

Food Supplies

*Online orders can be delivered directly to me at the below address. Please message me with the details of your online order, so we can properly express our appreciation.

Karan White
Saxton Speakers
Level 1, 344 St Kilda Road

Materials Supplies

*Online orders can be delivered directly to me at the below address. Please message me with the details of your online order, so we can properly express our appreciation.

Karan White
Saxton Speakers
Level 1, 344 St Kilda Road

Micro-hub delivery centres

My address for delivery is:

Karan White

Saxton Speakers

Level 1, 344 St Kilda Road

Melbourne, Victoria, 3004

Goods ordered online, for example via The General Pet Store or otherwise, can be posted to this address. Personal deliveries can be made during business hours. Friends, feel free to DM my for my home address for deliveries.

Find a Micro-Hub Location

You can comment below, or on my Facebook or Instagram posts, if you would like assistance to find a micro-hub closest to you. Please let me know the suburbs that are most convenient for you to deliver to.

Otherwise, you can search the Register here. Please note, due to a high volume of traffic, the register may at times be challenging to access.

Register to be a Micro-Hub

If you have capacity to co-ordinate receipt of donations and deliver these weekly to a distribution address, you can register here. Again, please note that at times this website experiences surges in traffic and information can sometimes be slow to register and update.

How you can help

Any of the following steps will help our efforts enormously:

🐨 Purchase supplies from the above list and deliver to me or your local micro-hub by Thursday 9 January, 2020;

🐦Contact me if you require assistance to locate your local micro-hub;

🦘Share this post with your community;

💌 If you are an individual or business donating goods/ services to bush fire affected regions, please contact me so I can create a post with your information; and

🦇 Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for further updates.

Thank you for the generosity of your support. 💜

And finally, some photos from this morning’s effort!

Thanks to the incredible support of the community, the following convoy is leaving for Bruthen in East Gippsland. Please note, I’ll update this post with additional photos from the crew on the ground as soon as I can.

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Comments (6)

Hi Karan,
Thank you for all of your efforts and time with putting this all together!

I’m gathering people’s donations from your list from the inner west area (Yarraville Newport) area and I’m hoping to drop them to your business address on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon so you can get the fruit fresh. Let me know if this isn’t suitable for you and if there’s anything else I can do to assist with the efforts. I’m on school holidays and ready and able to assist.

Also if there’s anyone that contacts you in this area that wants a drop off point I’m happy for you to direct them my way and I can deliver them to you. I just can’t register as a micro hub as I can only deliver to you and I can’t store xo

Warmest regards & keep up your excellent work,
Michelle Antoniou
Yarraville, Vic

Hi Michelle – what a wonderful effort and generous contribution, thank you! I’ll definitely keep your offer to receive goods in mind, it’s really useful to know. Looking forward to meeting you when you drop by. ❤️

Hi there Karan,
I am planning to make some balls with my kids today. We are in Sth Melbourne. Can you let me know please where the best drop off point is for us? Happy to drive up to 15k.
Many thanks!

Hi Louisa – how wonderful you’ve been able to do this activity with your children. I love this idea! Louisa, I’m awaiting an update from the region co-ordinator with location options for you. Please bear with me and I’ll have this to you asap. IN the meantime, please ensure the balls stay frozen. Thank you for your generous contribution <3

Hi Karan,
Thankyou for all your hard work. Do you have any collection points in Queensland or are we too far away? I live in the Brisbane Valley about an hour from Brisbane, 45mins from Ipswich and on the doorstep of the Lockyer Valley. The kids want to make some Fauna balls and I thought it would be a good way for us to help as we don’t have much money to donate.
Hoping that you do!
Thanks Cathy Jackson.

Hello Cathy – how wonderful you’re willing to do this, thank you for your generosity. I am currently trying to source information for drop-off points in locations other than Victoria. The Animal Rescue Collective is forming sub-groups to manage the sheer volume of support for making Fauna Wildfood Balls. Please bear with me while I try to find out the information and come back to you. Warm regards from a fellow (ex) Queenslander!

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