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Animal Patrons Australia

The new decade hit us with everything that Mother Nature could muster. It was the most brutal and confronting start to a day, week, month, year or decade and one that could not have been more unwelcome.

The new year has pushed us to learn lessons. We’ve learned lessons of mateship, despair, survival and community spirit – to name but a few. It was a natural step to take these lessons, apply them to a life-long commitment to animal welfare and advocacy; and fit them to a framework which would support a long-term commitment to helping animals affected by disaster.

And so, Animal Patrons Australia has been founded to provide centralised support to sanctuaries, carers and individuals for animal welfare efforts. Is it our driving purpose to enable the rescue and rehabilitation of animals affected by disaster.

About Animal Patrons Australia

Utilitising an extended network, we receive essential and general supplies necessary for the rescue and rehabilitation of animals.

Private individuals and organisations can donate goods, services and money; which is allocated on a priority and fairness basis via our Melbourne Distribution centre. Primary support is offered to Victoria, South Australia and NSW, however our resources are extended to as widely as we are capable.

Our Distribution Centre is currently located in donated, temporary warehousing and we hope to secure our own central Melbourne premises in early 2020 to provide streamlined logistics, distribution and a place for our volunteers and community to focus their efforts. Animal Patrons Australia also distribute funds to vets for the purchase of controlled medical supplies and to third-party transporters to deliver supplies into disaster zones. We are pending Registration as a Fundraiser to be able to legally extend our fundraising capability to be able to provide funding relief to private sanctuaries and rescues. We anticipate this Registration to be granted in February, 2020.

Animal Patrons Australia Governance

Our organisation has appointed an Advisory Board comprising of highly experienced logistics, sustainability, management and legal practitioners.

We also consult with other leaders in Not For Profit, Charity and relevant sectors.

Animal Patrons Australia is an incorporated company working towards accreditation as a Not For Profit and to appoint a fuller Board. While our Not For Profit status is being established, we operate as though it is in place. Our organisation is run purely by volunteers and 100% of funding and donations received directly supports our driving Purpose and Values. We take governance, compliance and transparency seriously and adhere to legislative requirements and best practice approach in all our actions. As our organisation grows, so too will the Board and team to ensure best practice is not only maintained but exceeded.

Further information

I encourage you to discover more about how Animal Patrons Australia are having immediate impact in regions affected by bush fire and disaster by providing essential support to sanctuaries and carers. You can read more on the website and join the conversation on Instagram and Facebook.

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