PO Box 3064, Auburn, Victoria, 3123.

About Karan

Digital and Social Enthusiast, Kindness Activist.


Karan works as a General Manager of Influencer Marketing.

Prior to this, Karan has worked in Senior Executive roles throughout Australia, New Zealand and the United States for the past 20 years.

Karan is also the co-owner of a social media, technology and intellectual property law firm, Pod Legal, providing a unique lens of legal and risk management to the influencer space.

Karan has an established track record of delivering connected consumer experiences via brand partnerships and influencer marketing. With direct experience working on brand sentiment campaigns for past and current royal commissions, as well as well as complex verticals such as pharmaceutical, insurance, technology and finance, Karan brings experience and knowledge to her role.

Insights from this space are supported by Karan’s experience as an award-winning blogger and being recognised as a Top 10 Australian Influencer. Although Karan no longer works as an influencer, her personal experience and success in this sphere adds significant value to clients she works with.

Karan has a keen interest in the application of technology to social and digital storytelling, and has a knack for identifying influencer trends.

In late 2019, Karan was appointed to the Guiding Council, Australian Influencer Marketing Council (AIMCo), established by the Audited Media Association of Australia to develop a regulatory framework for influencer marketing in Australia.


Karan has a lifelong interest in the welfare of animals. From her first ‘job’ as a volunteer at the local animal shelter, through to fundraising and volunteering in animal shelters across Australia, New Zealand and the US.

An ethical vegan since 2017, Karan spends a significant portion of her free time advocating for the welfare of animals.

In December 2019 she was appointed to the position of National Campaign Manager for the Animal Justice Party. This appointment will commence in January 2020 and will be fulfilled alongside Karan’s full-time corporate role.

Personal Life

Karan lives with the love of her life, Jamie, who she eloped with after 127 days of meeting. Celebrating 10 years of marriage in 2020, Karan and Jamie live very happily with their motley crew of two dogs and two cats in Melbourne.